Qian Qian (Massage + HJ + JG)

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资深经验的专业中医按摩师,正宗中泰式按摩和抓根疗法,帮助你解决你的男言之隐,疏解你全身酸痛和疲劳!!! 倩倩 is a Master Level Professional Qualified Masseuse who has many years of massage experience, trained in both ZhongYi & Chinese Authentic Massage. I believe we are fortunate that she is here to help all bros to cure all our bodyache with her Chinese medical massage knowledge and skills. She is hardworking, has amazing strength, stamina and skills to give you the most powerful and relaxing massage you ever come across. Her full body massage covers almost every part of your body with no short cut at all, fully genuine authentic professional massage. She is also trained in doing Manhood Therapy which will help to improve the stamina of your sexual intercourse. Lastly, she will also provide a little happy ending for you to enjoyed. So what are you waiting for, Massage Lover you shouldn’t miss it, call her NOW!!!


Benefits of Authentic Massage in Chinese Provided by Venus
按摩是以中医的脏腑经络学为理论基础, 并结合西医的解剖和病理诊断而用手法作用于人体体表的特定部位以调节机体生理, 病体状况达到理疗目的的方法. 好处-
1: 能够全身放松,消除疲劳, 缓解压力.
2: 能够疏通经络, 加快气血循环, 保持机体的阴阳平衡.
3: 能够改善睡眠,大幅提高睡眠质量.
4: 对亚健康具有很好的康复作用.
我的按摩手法是: 刺激背部的穴位经络, 背部脊柱是主一身阳气的督脉所在, 脊柱两旁是贯穿全身的足太阳, 膀胱经, 共有53个穴位. 通过按摩可以刺激这些穴位起到疏通经气, 促进气血运行, 振奋阳气, 养心安神, 活血通络, 平衡阴阳, 调和五脏六腑的功能, 从而达到阴阳平衡, 健康长寿的作用.

Guasha (刮痧)

Baguan (拔罐 / 走罐)

Authentic Thai JuaGen (正宗泰式抓根)
亲!您了解正宗的经络抓跟按摩吗?您爱爱时有心无力吗?生殖器周围有按压性痛感吗?爱爱不能持久吗?弟弟不够坚挺吗?您小便时需要等待或分叉而且嘀嘀哩哩吗?这都是经络损伤或是前列腺问题和尿路不畅通引起的。抓根是保健养生,并不是色情!真正的印度神油抓根是不建议射精(固本培元),各种不同的按摩手法来疏通输精管,输尿管与海绵体,打通与唤醒男士生殖系统周围的经络、穴位和韧带,提升男士性功能 ,使生殖器周围血液循环更加畅通、打通经络穴位,是真正的治疗与保养!如果按疗程治疗可以增大 增粗 增硬!可缓解阳痿早泄、勃起无力等症状。
*真正经络抓根有病治病没病保养! 通过手法,揉 捏 推 拍,把男士生殖器和蛋蛋和前列腺附近的筋脉,肌肉组织,血液循环都打通,以提高男性性方面的一个整体提高。

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★ Please tell her you saw her ads on [sgbeautycastles]! 约她时请说在 [美丽城堡] 看到她的广告! ★

Location: East (东部)
Environment: Cozy Room With Massage Bed & Toilet Attached
Working Hours: Morning 10.30am to Night 9.30pm

Bio Data
Name: 倩倩 (Qian Qian)
Age: 30s
Looks: Refer to pictures
Height: 1.67m
Weight: 50kg
Boobs: 36’C’ (Natural)

Service Provided
☑ Upper Body Autoroam [上半身触摸] ☑
☑ Head / Neck / Shoulder Massage [头部 / 颈部 / 肩部按摩] ☑
☑ Full Body Chinese/Shiatsu Massage [全身中式指压按摩] ☑
☑ ZhongYi Massage [中医穴位按摩] ☑
☑ Full Body Oil Tuina Massage [全身经络推油推拿] ☑
☑ Lymphatic Drainage Detoxification Massage [精油开背,全身淋巴排毒] ☑
☑ Guasha / Coin Guasha [刮痧 / 硬币刮痧] ☑
☑ Buguan (Cupping Therapy) [拔罐 / 走罐] ☑
☑ Back Kneeling [跪背] ☑
☑ Digesting Healthcare Massage [肠胃保养] ☑
☑ Pubic Hair Trimming [修剪阴毛] ☑
☑ Prostate Manhood Therapy [前列腺保养] ☑
☑ Authentic Thai JuaGen [正宗泰式抓根] ☑
☑ HDLY [海底捞月] ☑
☑ HJ [打飞机] ☑
☑ GFE [女朋友的感觉] ☑

✖ Strictly NOT Allowed: BJ & FJ NOT ALLOWED, and service not listed here, so please respect her!!! Other Intimacy depends on your chemistry with her!!! ✖

Damage (Room Included)
❉ $60/30 mins/1 x Thai JuaGen ❉
❉ $100/60 mins/Full Body Massage + 1 x HJ ❉
❉ $150/90 mins/Full Body Massage + 2 x HJ ❉
☞ Due to time constraint, it is impossible to finish all the service within the time frame. So you may mix & match the services within the stipulated timing ☜

Qian Qian (Massage + HJ + JG)


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05/08/2020 Reply

Qian Qian is skilled in providing varieties of services.She provide soothing and blissful massage.Definitely one of the best in the industry!Her extras are also good,has big breast to touch,good body contour to admire.Her jua gen is effective in curing my erection which lasted much longer.Her HJ is good as she allows u to roam and she ensure that she stimulate ur sensitive areas to get u to achieve the ultimate climate!

01/08/2020 Reply

just finished engaging Qian Qian from sgbeautycastle. She is a milf and her massage and JG is really good.I got my 45 mins soothing and blissful massage session.Very detailed and power pack massage.The last 15 mins was doing the authentic penis massage.It is not HJ.Really massaging the groin area and shaft.At the end, u decide if you want to release.Value for money and u left feeling refreshed and energized

28/07/2020 Reply

Chance upon this gem and opted for a 60 mins massage session. Her place is easily located and free parking is available. Reached her place and was ushered into her cosy heaven where i took a shower. While taking a shower, she was changing the sheets and using a steamer to detox.For once i felt at ease.Quicky wipe dry and lay on the massage bed.She was very thorough in her massage and for once u know ur bucks are well spent.She started from your back and slowly went doen to your butt and legs.Told to turn over and continue with the massage on the chest and stomach and then legs again.The last 15 mins she started to perform juagen and going through your scrotum area and u can feel a tinking feelings as she cleared the veins.When she pull on the shaft, i felt really good.Opted to release and she knows men sensitive areas and withun 5 mins, i am out! What a mind blowing experience!

27/07/2020 Reply

A soothing and blissful massage!

27/07/2020 Reply

Took the 90 mins package. Didnt regret it!Her massage is damn good and shiok! U got to try it to experience the difference.Her last 30 mins were used to massage your tool.Really some good stuff and it was suppose to improve your performance. Felt a slight tinkering around the scrotum and slowly massage to improve blood flow.Felt great after the therapy.

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