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  1. Brother, last time have one lady at selegie court. 2nd floor. Small massage parlor. Think her name apple or something. She still around?? Any idea? Forgot her number….

    1. Hi bro, just tell them what you are coming for, just state the truth. Don’t try to be hero and help the girls by telling lies, you will get yourself into trouble. As long as you are a paying customer, tell the truth and everything will be alright.

  2. Hi,
    I booked one therapist from here. Stated unlimited HJ. Went there, she never ask anything.. just quick massage and one HJ. Remove clothes must pay extra $20.
    when do u tell them the type of service u want?

    1. Hi bro, you visited the girl at a massage parlour right? Normally massage parlour always do this kind of thing. In order to ensure that you got the service you want, tell them what you want before the service start, and let them know that if they provide a good service, you will give them a little bit of tips or you will visit them very often if their service is good. Normally in this case, girls will provide better service to keep you coming back. If their service still below standard with poor attitude, my advise is don’t visit them anymore. There are many other girls to choose from.

    1. Hi bro, HDLY in Chinese is “海底捞月”, it is a form of handjob that required you to perform doggy style. The girl will go to your back, and put her hand underneath your buttock to caress your dick sensually then follow by handjob.

  3. Hi, what does code red mean? Also, is this legal? Like will police come and find? Interested first time customer here sorry for dumb questions. Ty

    1. CODE RED means women menstruation, which they cannot have sexual intercourse during these fews days of the month. CODE RED is a kind of language that we use in this trade, referring to women having menses.

      And the Opposite is CODE GREEN, referring to their menses is finished and clean, they are able to accept customers from that day onwards.

  4. Hi I am experienced customer. Ur website is good ,but the only thing is need to put price and service in the homepage. Clicking one by one us very very trouble some. If ur can do it. I believe there will be alot more customers

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