Chivas (Massage + Thai JG + HJ)

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Photos 100% same as person!!! 正宗中医中泰式专业按摩,扶阳罐和泰式抓龙筋,超生波磁疗通全身经洛,解除你一身疲劳和酸痛,治疗你男性的问题!!! Chivas is a professional experienced masseuse who has many years of massage experience. She know the acupoint on your body and with her medical knowledge, she is able to provide the best massage and various medical treatment for your body, especially on improving your manhood well-being. She has went to Thailand to learn the techniques of doing Authentic Thai JG, regular treatment will significantly improved the blood circulation of your manhood, prolong your stamina and a stronger erection. She now also Electric Treatment to improve various health issue on your entire body. For bros who are there just for a good massage, you will get to enjoy the benefit as well. She will be half naked when giving you a sensational stimulating HJ to relief your sexual urge. So hurry, call to make an appointment with her now!!!


Professional Massage Bed (专业按摩床)

Electromagnetic Wave Therapy (操盘手养生仪 – 超生波磁疗) 
🔴 Uses electrical energy to direct a series of magnetic pulses through injured tissue whereby each magnetic pulse induces a tiny electrical signal to stimulate repair.
🔴 Encourages the body to expel toxins, and promotes optimal absorption of nutrients. It works to relieve depression, improves daytime performance and mental acuity, and it literally reverses the aging process.
🔴 Helps to improve sleep, and provide a multitude of mental and physical benefits that will increase longevity and provide you with a superior quality of life than you could ever imagine.


Ear Digging : 采耳和耳烛

扶阳罐 (Fu Yang Guan Treatment)


A mini hand held tools which is good for purging colds, cure insomnia, clear blockage, improve blood circulation to regain your sexual ability

✪ 泰式抓龙筋 (Thai JG) -治疗男性阳痿早泄 ✪


Improve your manhood blood circulation & sexual well being. Enhance and maintain your erection power & strength, prolong the duration of your sexual intercourse.

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★ Please tell her you saw her ads on [sgbeautycastles]! 约她时请说在 [美丽城堡] 看到她的广告! ★

Location: Central
Operating Hours: Morning 9am to Mid-night
Environment: Large Cozy Room

Bio Data
Name: Chivas
Age: 28
Looks: Refer to pictures
Height: 1.6m
Weight: 48kg
Boobs: 38’C’ cup (Natural)

Service Provided
☑ Upper Body Autoroaming [上半身身触摸] ☑
☑ Head/Neck/Shoulder Massage [头部/颈部/肩部按摩] ☑
☑ Full Body Authentic Chinese/Thai Massage [全身中泰式穴位指压按摩] ☑
☑ Full Body Zhongyi Oil Tuina Massage [全身中医经络推油推拿] ☑
☑ Lymphatic Drainage Massage [精油开背,全身淋巴排毒] ☑
☑ Back Kneeling/Back Stepping [跪背/踩背] ☑
☑ Full Body Guasha [全身刮痧] ☑
☑ Fu Yang Guan [扶阳罐] ☑
☑ Digesting Healthcare Massage [肠胃保养] ☑
☑ Electromagnetic Wave Therapy [操盘手养生仪 – 超生波磁疗] ☑
☑ Catbath & Sexy Boobs Massage [挑逗/漫游/胸推] ☑
☑ Pubic Hair Trimming [修阴毛] ☑
☑ Prostrate Maintenance [前列腺保养] ☑
☑ Authentic Thai JG [正宗泰式抓龙筋] ☑
☑ HDLY [海底捞月] ☑
☑ HJ [打飞机] ☑
☑ GFE [女朋友的感觉] ☑

✖ Strictly NOT Allowed: No BJ & FJ, so please respect her. Other Intimacies depends on your chemistry with her!!! ✖

Damage (Room Included)
❉ $100/60 mins/Full Body Massage + 1 x HJ ❉
❉ $140/90 mins/Full Body Massage + 2 x HJ ❉
❉ $180/120 mins/Full Body Massage + 2 x HJ ❉
☞ Due to time constraint, do tell her what service you need, as it is impossible to finish all the service within the stipulated timing ☜

Chivas (Massage + Thai JG + HJ)


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27 Responses to “Chivas (Massage + Thai JG + HJ)”

30/10/2019 Reply

很有耐心及愛心,按摩力度也掌控得很好 最主要是能按好肌肉与关节的不适
喜欢按摩者 千万别错过!

人又漂亮 身材一流!

27/10/2019 Reply

– Very cheeful and friendly lady, very keen to share about many things under sun.
– good massage strength
– JG is not bad and not painful for me
– location is very discreet, there is massage bed, room and toilet is very nice.
Will rtm soon!

23/10/2019 Reply

Had a 60mins JG session. It’s my first time. Din know it’s so painful at some points as she focus on them. Advice me not to hv HJ. So just purely JG. She is nicely dress up. Think I’ll go elsewhere to try other JG n massage.

21/10/2019 Reply

Had a 60min session. The JG is painfully 😱 but now ok oredi.
Only done that. The rest I hv no comment…guess we dun hv chemistry…as it was my first time?

20/10/2019 Reply

Massage:9/10,good strength.
JG: authentic stuff,she really knows her stuff, 9/10
HJ,HDLY: slow and sensual with oil..very skilful,9/10
Autoroam allowed.
Bathes you and offers you a good cuppa tea after all.

Very very good massage!

18/10/2019 Reply

Not bad at all 🙂

17/10/2019 Reply

Chivas is good at massage ( not those play piano type ) and juagen.
Hardworking lady who dont play with hp while working.
Her location is good with parking space which is plus for me.

I returned for JG for 3 sessions. Can feel the results during morning erection.
Money well spent.

15/10/2019 Reply

Shiok! The best!

Usually I do this is to have shiok massage and shiok HJ.

Next time I come cannot 2HJ.

Must enjoy her massage and Juagen more.

One of the best for massage and slow sensual HJ.

Did 2 hours maybe next time I get longer session!


11/10/2019 Reply

Good massage, great lady with fantastic attitude. Very accommodating to your needs depending on chemistry.

11/10/2019 Reply

Had a session with Chivas on just now.

The place was nice and easy to locate, call her when I was there and was directed to a nice and cozy clean room will her sweet friendly smiling face.

Have a short nice chat with her and was being served with a cup of drink and ask to go for a shower before the session start, while she prepared the massage oil and tower.

After the shower, the full body massage being, she was gentle with your body but amusingly the strength was right and really let your body feel good and relax, and with a skill on the Jugen is fantastic good with the good feeling as the most brothers had mentioned in the FR.

The massage feels so good which I almost doze off and relaxing, then it comes the Jugen which make my whole body heated up again and of course, my little shaft now was awake more than previously which her skill of controlling it was so beautifully done and it last about 15 mins and enjoying the sensation.before I cum.

Overall experience with her is fantastic and her various teasing skill that let you feel relax even after you cum.

Attitude: 9/10 friendly and Chatty
Look : 7/ 10 my type of lady
Skill: 10/10 don’t underestimate her skill especially the message and JUgen
HJ : 9/10

Other: was well trained in her massage skill, will give you good advice on your sitting posture as I had some shoulder pain before the message.

Tips her $10 and agreed to book her another session again tomorrow.

Jackson Yeo
08/10/2019 Reply

Only thing I can say is you have to experience it for yourself. The JG is excellent.

Her massage is the real deal… why I say that is because she knows where to press and when to apply the correct strength…

Apart from that, I had great chemistry with her… she’s chatty, fun, not a time watcher or about jacking my dick off so that she can get it over and done with.

The special was… Special. The juagen and hj was really nice. To top it off, stats in ad is exactly what it is. RTM: Definitely ?

08/10/2019 Reply

Has visited this lady Chivas many times, her massage is still so damn good though her schedules is busy. She has the attractive look which will grown on you and despite of my frequent visits, the standard has not dropped and is still there which is worth visiting
Room – Nice and clean with a massage bed
Looks – Nice and appealing appearances
Massage skills – Good skills with the right pressure
Juagen – Very comfortable which you can feel the urge to release in short time. Not a time watcher and she can converse well with anything under the sun. She always carry a smile that will not hesitate you to visit her again.

06/10/2019 Reply

Chivas is patient, cheerful, friendly with great skills. When i stepped in, the place was clean and i felt comfortable when she was telling me how the massage progress was like. And her JG is really awesome. She can make my little bro wake up and sleep with a few strokes. I read in some reviews that there are ladies who rush their clients, but she’s not one of those. After the entire treatment, she gave me the ear cleaning service, which was a great way to end the massage.
Overall, good massage, she’s nice and friendly, and i’ll definitely return again for more JG treatment.

05/10/2019 Reply

Report for Chivas
Massage was good, 10/10
Looks 7/10
Body 8/10
Overall was satisfied 10/10
After massage, body feel relax. Definitely will come back for more, especially her JG

04/10/2019 Reply

This report is totally real…
Just try Chivas massage, as my neck and back ache badly
The rub on the neck and shoulder and back is spot on.
After trying , i feel so relax
very good service and good massage
not time watcher and very polite.. no rush..
but 1 hour session is not enough to finish all the services.
Her JG is good also, make me stand up and shoot a lot.
looking for good massage, she is the only one !!

03/10/2019 Reply

I first visited Chivas few days ago after chancing upon her Juagen advertisment My first experience with her was a little painful due to clogging in my testicles. She told me that she was trained by a Juagen Master years back and since have master the skill through years of practice. Was advised not to shoot for at least a day after the session for best results. Oh Boy, i tested with my sex partner the following day and yes it was harder and urine can shoot further. Will go again next week as i was told that i need a few session to ease my blockages. hopefully the pain will get lesser.

02/10/2019 Reply

Just finished my massage. Service is awesome and the place is clean. Very nice and can talk anything. Definitely will return soon. Massage lover
must try.

02/10/2019 Reply

Best massage i ever had. Must try the juagen next time. Sure will revisit again. You will regret if u never try.

01/10/2019 Reply

Went and tried her service today.. Indeed the massage part is good, she knew where to press and what’s wrong with your body. Skilled masseur for sure. As for Hj, it’s teasing and she will adapt foe your preference and let you enjoy till your toes stretched straight up like your dick. Treat her well with respect and she will return you the favor. For Bros who wants a good sensual massage it’s highly recommended. Not for syt lovers.

30/09/2019 Reply

she is very good for massage and she very good looking. she do very good pubic hair trimming. highly recommended!!!

Andy Gao
28/09/2019 Reply

fantastic Service. first time seeing her for massage. very detailed and taught me alot. definitely would like to return. i highly recommend her services. very professional and the best i had. you will appreciate her Service. not a time watcher.

25/09/2019 Reply

The Thai massage treatment Given by Chivas is really genuine and nothing to fool around. It’s painful in some spot when massage means blockage. She explained patiently. It makes the penis and vein stronger and better. Who needs treatment Chivas is the right choice!! It’s worth the money.

25/09/2019 Reply

knows how to give a good massage. definitely for massage lovers. service is tip top and can hold a conversation well too. she knows how to massage every part of your body with legit skills. not just anyhow touch and press. money well spent. have already returned a few times. location is also easy to find with clear instructions given. free parking available too.

24/09/2019 Reply

place is easy to find. massage is one of the best I’ve had. juagen is authentic and good. she also provide service to help you with premature ejaculation. she play with my dick till I almost cum and asked if I could touch her boobs. she then said she haven even started yet, that was just treatment to help me last longer during sex. the real hj starts with her using her boobs to go through your whole body and dick and she gave me a short boob fuck. the hj was really good I couldn’t last long, exploded a huge amount while I was sucking her nipples.

note: she’s a milf not syt but great skills.

23/09/2019 Reply

the place is easy to find. the big and.clean, the massage is the best that i have try. her service is very good too. and free parking for those who drivep.. i will return to try her special tuina

21/09/2019 Reply

today just visit chivas. her massage service is one the best i ever try. her juagen service you die die must try. sure will rtm soon.

20/09/2019 Reply

Today have an appointment with her, her massage & juagen skill is awesome, makes me feel really comfortable. Her sexual massage also make my little bro feel harder and horny. However, she told me if I come for Juagen regularly, i can improve the duration of my sexual intercourse significantly. All bros should try her juagen, you will see the result after a few sessions. When comes to HJ, she did it sensually and slowly, one of the best i have tried so far. Her attitude is very friendly and she can hold conversation well. She is a very nice lady and I will be her regular customer and will make appointment with her the moment i’m free. All bros please take care of her and do try her, highly recommended, thx.

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